Micron Technology Inc is a 40-year-old American global corporation that mainly deals with the production of semi-conductor devices such as solid-state devices (SSD), flash memory, etc. It was involved in a couple of joint ventures with Intel and IM flash technologies in Utah and Singapore. With efficient leaders on its side, the corporation went on to acquire several significant assets such as Lexar, Powerchip and many more. As a result, the company was growing rapidly, yet continuously.

The road to success is not very smooth and shiny andhas lots of obstacles. It would be appropriate to say that micron has seen its fair share of bumps and craters as well. One of the more difficult hurdles would be the cyclical nature of the stock market. The controllers at micron knew this well and had early plans to keep themselves safe.

It was going all too well for the company when suddenly the bomb dropped. That bomb was the cold war between the U.S and china for monopoly over the world trade market. Irrespective of the industry, the trade war between U.S and China has definitely hit stocks worldwide. But this did not affect the corporate mammoth to a crippling extent. Eventually after this hefty blow, mu had to pick up the pieces and start from scratch. The volatility that followed did not spare mu earnings also.While revenue, sales and the numbers were high, micron was hit in the management side. Their leaders struggled to patch the wounds of the battle. … Read More

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